Private Functions

Private Shows

Jonathan with the ace of spades cardPrivate shows are usually a small to medium size gathering of people who need live entertainment!

I love all audiences of all sizes, but the smaller groups are special because I can usually meet everyone. Also, most audience members have the opportunity to participate in the show. All of my shows contain a alot of audience participation.

And I really like a crowd that “talks back”. A person might think this would be disruptive, but I don’t think so! I actually like a little “back and forth”. I’ve never had a problem with “Hecklers” interrupting the show (probably because my magic goes over their heads – lol)

But some people can say the funniest things during my shows. People are hilarious! Some of my funniest one-liners that I use today, originally came from comments of audiences of the past! (Maybe I should not admit that!)

Jonathan is GREAT! A long story made short: Our private party was a huge success. Everyone still talking about it! Jonathan did everything I asked for and then some! Jonathan is not only talented, but he is personable and a joy to have around. He presented to the group AND intermingled with each guest with many tricks up his sleeve as well. Thank you Jonathan! We love you!

Patty Bird

Oklahoma City

Jonathan put on a really good show and even had our usual grumps laughing and having a great time. He knocked it out of the ball park with his performance and would highly recommend him.

Peggy Thompson – Emergency Response Team

Kansas City, KS