How Much Should You Pay for a Close Up Magician

If you are seeking to hire a close up magician for an upcoming event and would like to know how much should you pay for a close up magician, then you have come to the right place. Unsurprisingly, there are several factors that affect exactly how much you should pay for a close up magician. While magicians may have different cost and price analysis systems to determine how much they should charge, there are some factors that are common right across the board. The good news is; you also have some input in just how much some of these factors will determine how much you have to pay.

How Much Should You Pay for a Close Up Magician

Hiring costs for a close up magician are likely to be dependent on factors like:

  1. The type of event being hosted

All events are not the same. A wedding magician and the needs therein are very much different from a corporate event, for example. Even within these broad categories, the needs and requirements will differ from one client and event to the next. As such, it is likely that the requirements and needs from a close up magician will likewise differ.

Generally, a close magician may offer his or her services at costs determined by the level of production required to meet the various demands. Event features like the length of the performance required, the kind of performance required (like a theater-type show versus a more intimate dinner), as well as industry rates are likely to all have an impact on how much you should pay for a close up magician.

  1. Current industry standards

As is the case in just about all industries, there are standard costs and averages that can be used as a guide. It is also highly likely that events similar in size and scope to yours have already been serviced by close up magicians and so a ballpark figure can be determined from the same. Additionally, the local economy where you live or where the event is being hosted is likely to also have an impact on how much you will pay your hired close up magician.

  1. The magician’s reputation

A close up magician’s reputation is also likely to be an important factor in how much he or she will be able to charge. A relatively unknown or new close up magician (even when they are talented and provide excellent service) is likely to command less in fees than a well-reputed magician who is known for high-quality output and service excellence over a longer period of time.

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