How Much Does a Magician Charge for Birthday Parties

There is hardly a set price for how much a magician will charge for birthday parties. This is because there are many nuances that any given magician must contend with in order to set his or her prices. These nuances include the kind of birthday party they are being asked to perform at, the features of their show, and how long they will be required to be there. Additionally, magicians can also command different prices according to their level of expertise as well as the area they operate in.

How Much Does a Magician Charge for Birthday Parties

So, Just How Much Does a Magician Charge for Birthday Parties?

Even with the above-mentioned nuances that can determine the range within which prices for magicians performing at birthday parties fall, there is still a better way to identify reliable amounts for how much does a magician charge for birthday parties. Simply look at what other persons have paid for magicians at their own birthday parties or parties they have hosted. As a rule, highlight those testimonials that identify features that exist in your birthday party to get an even better estimate.

While previous experiences can indicate what to expect, some of the latest figures place birthday party prices for magicians between US$100.00 and US$500.00 per hour for birthday parties. Of course, there will be those occasions where you find magicians who are outside of this range. Whether said magicians are on the lower or upper end of this range will depend on the experience of the magician and the kinds of reviews received from previous clients. For example, a magician who has worked with some of the city’s biggest corporate clients and is the city’s most in-demand magician is likely to fall within the upper part of this range or even outside of it. In that regard, you get what you pay for.

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