Magic Shows

Strolling Magic

Walking Performance

Strolling magic allows me to entertain everyone at your event “one group at a time”. It’s perfect for festivals, banquets, receptions or any private party. Strolling magic belongs in a special class by itself because it is up close and personal!
Magic trick with red balls


I will approach your guests casually, using comedy and first class sleight of hand magic. I have learned the art of the “approach” so as not to interrupt!


I have been hired to stroll around doing magic for thousands of hours. I have approached small groups of adults at Casino’s, as well as children at Birthday parties. I guarantee to have your guests laughing and utterly amazed.

All Situations

I’ve been there! Whether your guests are sitting down or standing up. Or if your venue is indoors or outdoors or if there is loud music is playing – Each situation presents a different opportunity for me to bring quality entertainment.

Our event company hired Jonathan for our client’s holiday casino party. As always he worked with us on a price as fit within our budget and we couldn’t have been more pleased with his performance. The client and their guests gave absolutely RAVE reviews about his professionalism and performance. He wasn’t intrusive to the guests as some performers can be – he created an energy that made people seek him out and want to be involved in his tricks throughout the evening. He is always my first call when looking for a magician and I can’t imagine and entertainer I would rather do business with. FABULOUS!

Molly Matheson

Allison Fun Incorporated

After Dinner Shows

This show is as long as you desire it to be, but usually runs about 40 minutes.
Jonathan with a deck of cards


I do a lot of these “after dinner” shows. The best way to entertain everyone is the make them laugh, but I just so happen to provide mind blowing sleight of hand magic at the same time! I personally “have a blast” doing these types of shows.


Often times I’ll stroll around (for free) before dinner. Therefore, I usually have met all or most guests by the time I perform in front of the entire group! This allows me to customize the show to fit the audience. No two shows are alike! I bring more than enough material so that I can have, at my fingertips, the best material to fit the audience – as there are many types of audiences.

We recently had Jonathan perform at our company End of Year party. Everyone had a blast! He is very funny and really has a great show. Also he was very responsive and easy to deal with from start to finish – a dream come true for any event planner. I can’t recommend Jonathan highly enough!

Dawn Kreider

Weathernews, Norman, OK

We had Jonathan at our annual Chamber Banquet and absolutely loved his show. We was an adult crowd and his act was clean and fun. When I sent out surveys after the banquet most all of the participants raved about the entertainment. Thank you Jonathan. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Justina Reaves – Executive Director

The Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce

   Banquet Shows

Jonathan holding large playing cardsThe Banquet show usually runs about 30 minutes, but I can easily customize for your event. First, I’ll perform close uptable-side magic, just inches away fromyour guests. Then, I’ll present aprofessional stand up magic and comedy show.

Family Friendly

As with all my shows, the banquet show contains clean comedy, and only high end magic. This show will guarantee to leave your audience walking away with lasting memories. If you want your banquet to be filled with magical entertainment, you’ll love my magic and comedy banquet show.

I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Meyer this last January. I am the state president of Oklahoma for an international nonprofit, leadership organization called DeMolay International. We brought Mr. Meyer in to be a part of our program for our annual state event. Jonathan was nothing but professional and easy to work with right from the planning stages all the way to show time. He brings everything he needs and will work with you to have him fit to your program/show. His show brought both laughs and mind-blowing magic to make the program truly amazing and fun for everybody there. He is certainly the best in Oklahoma, and I fully recommend Jonathan Meyer if you are looking for a premier entertainer.

Brennan Parken – President

DeMolay International

Birthday Party Magic Shows

Jonathan and a deck of cards

We had Jonathan at the house for our Daughter’s 6th birthday with a huge group of kids and parents. He is TERRIFIC! Very talented. Very funny. Also tied about a thousand balloon swords and animals. Hope to have him again sometime.

Mion Hill

Oklahoma City, OK

Jonathan is AMAZING!!! Not only do the kids love his awesome show, but adults are entertained as well. Fun for everyone. Jonathan was worth every penny! He is great and patient with the kids, I cannot say enough about our experience! It was great – I’d do it again!

Dusti Pearce

Tuttle, Oklahoma

Church Shows

Jonathan with 2 stringsChurch shows are usually much like any other family show. I have plenty of Bible based material if you request that I include some magic tricks that have a Bible message. Either way, I’m ready at any given moment to perform for your next Church’s event.

Jonathan Meyer is a top-notch magician that performed at a recent church event I attended. I am not sure what I expected (kids stuff to be honest), but he was more like the top names in the business. If you are looking for someone to perform a clean show at your next church event, Jonathan is definitely the guy. He did stuff that is still blowing my mind. He is also funny and presents himself professionally. Made the event much more enjoyable than it would have been without him.

Paul Dean

Oakcrest Church of Christ, Oklahoma City, Ok


What can I say about proms? I love performing for teenagers! What a challenge! They really keep me on my toes. I developed my best material for my corporate shows by testing it at proms.

Teenagers will not let you get by with anything! When I first started, it was definitely the prom shows that gave me the honest (maybe too honest) feedback in order to hone my craft and master the art of sleight of hand.

It was also the proms and after proms that taught me comedy timing! I think back when I first started and I “cringe”. But now, I look forward to the month of April every year (Prom Season). I find myself driving to some “oil town”

Thank you Jonathan! We loved your show and you are coming back next year!

Marisa White – Prom Sponsor

Tipton, Oklahoma

Hired Jonathan for our Jr / Sr prom and he arrived as promised and was very professional. He kept the kids attention and entertained the adults with his skills and as an entertainer. We have already booked him again for next year! If you want a magician with entertainment skills this is the one! You won’t be disappointed.

Jennifer L. Ceville – Prom Sponsor

SE High School

School Magic Shows

Jonathan pulling playing card from shirtWhen I perform for a school I absolutely “zone out”! I take a mental “vacation” and I really hope my cool friends never see how goofy I act at my school magic shows! (kidding)

I love making the kids laugh and of course nobody loves magic more than school age kids. As always, I only perform eye-popping, impossible magic because that’s what everyone loves!

Jonathan gave two shows in 1 day. Both shows had 35+ children in them. He was equally energetic for both events. The children absolutely loved the performance as did the adults. With the broad age group of 5-12 it had to be very difficult to put a program together that was fun for all. There were also a few problems with one very young child which he handled with aplomb. Jonathan went above and beyond by making EACH child a balloon animal or toy. He even let them pick what they wanted. The balloons were completely unexpected and a wonderful surprise.

Jacinda Ramsey

Prior Oklahoma

Jonathan came to our elementary school and entertained the entire fourth grade class, their teachers and many parents. He was professional, on-time, and extremely easy to deal with from a business stand-point. His show was fun, upbeat, and everyone loved it. The kids were engaged the entire time and he had the adults laughing and probably having even more fun than the kids. I would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone who is looking for great entertainment and laid-back fun. He is a class act.

Marcie Falcone

Greenbriar Elementary

Great magician for school. Our students loved it. Highly recommend, would use Jonathan for another show.

Kyla Cousins

Oklahoma City Schools


I am usually hired to work at festivals all day long! Many times I’m hired to perform multiple shows and I’ll share the stage with other activities on the schedule. When I arrive, I’ll set up my stage area usually early in the morning. I always offer my P.A. System to anyone else who is using the stage while I’m in between shows.

Sometimes I’m hired to show up for only a few hours and perform only one single show. When this happens, I usually show up early enough to stroll around (for free) in order to get to know the people and get accustomed to the surroundings.

Jonathan has performed at the Poteau Balloon Fest for the last couple of years, he is always entertaining and keeps the crowd laughing and amazed at his magic tricks! He is great to work with and we look forward to working with him again this year!

Karen Wages – President & CEO
Shannon DelaCruz – Event Coordinator

Poteau Chamber

  • Jonathan with 2 strings


Oklahoma Bridal Shows Oklahoma Bridal Shows Oklahoma Bridal Shows

The ceremony is over and you are now husband and wife. Everyone is wanting to congratulate you. The photographer is trying to capture everything. At the same time, all of your guests are standing around waiting for food! This is the perfect time to entertain them with some mix and mingle magic!

Your guests will be entertained in small intimate groups and will experience the sort of magic that they thought only possible on TV.CELEBRATE IN STYLE! How many weddings do you remember? What do you remember about them? Maybe you can remember one person getting a little too crazy or “something” REALLY stands out in your memory. Jonathan can provide that “something” for your guests.

Jonathan can make your wedding stand out head and shoulders above any other wedding they have ever been too or will ever go to.Imagine..your best friend has had a fantastic day, the ceremony was beautiful, the food was first class, and then “something” completely impossible happened right in the palm of their hands. Then they look at you!We have just created a memory together. As a wedding magician, Jonathan will do that for all of your guests. They won’t be forgetting your special day!

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